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Aug 17, 2015
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Cecilia L. / Customer Service - Santa Monica office

The best day at work I’ve ever had was: Every day I show up!

The best excuse I’ve ever had for missing work was: What!?! If I tell I won’t be able to use it again!

My favorite celebrity style: I’m sure it’s somebody already dead.

My work day soundtrack usually involves: Classic Rock, is there anything else?

I can’t live without: Laughter, music, my children (not necessarily in that order).

My favorite city in the world is: Still hoping to get there!

My personal style can best be described as: The less fuss the better! Is that lazy?

My favorite cashmere sweater is: The only one I’ve actually worn; it's the Cannabis Cap Sleeve (matches my blue boots perfectly)!

Over it: Jeans with manufactured holes and not earned ones.

Into it: High waist matador pants with a cropped top.

On it: Maxi sweaters and shorts (so 70s and fun)!